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#1 Concern with Graduating October 21, 2011

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I think a really big concern with graduating high school is what your are going to do afterwards. There are a lot of questions you have to think about such as what you are going to do with your life if your going to college or university. How you are going to get the money to go there if thats what your doing. I think my biggest concern is how I am going to have enough money to go to school and live on my own. After high school life is going to change drastically and things will be a lot different is what I think and you then have to make your own desicions so it’s good to start thinking about them before your done high school and still have time. You can take a year off but statistics say the people that take time off in between school and college find a job and never go back because they like the money. So taking a year off might seem like a good idea but it can turn out to be a lot more than a year taken off.

1) http://school.familyeducation.com/high-school/college-prep/34544.html – helps parents figure out how to help their kids
2) http://oedb.org/library/financial-aid/hacking-financial-aid – tells you how to get money to go to college
3) http://www.mymajors.com/ – gives you idea’s on how to choose a career
4) http://www.ehow.com/how_138014_decide-which-college.html – show’s you how to decide what college is right for you
5) http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/index.shtml – information about loans for college


Media & Girls October 12, 2011

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I think that the media is very harsh on girls and thats why so many girl try to be perfect. They are always trying to be super skinny and wearing tons of make up because of all the girls that they see on tv or in magazines. Girls are wanting to dress like these girls then they are often called names and are considered “sluts” because of the way that they follow the girls in the media. The media has a lot to do with girls attitudes and many other things these days, a lot of girls have eating disorders because they are trying to be really skinny like girls in magazines but the truth is those girls are photo shoped no one actually looks like that. Girls have it pretty hard because they think they need to compete with each other and it all just causes problems, that is why I think the media is really having a big impact on girls young girls especially.


Nature vs Nurture September 25, 2011

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I think that things like your behaviour, and personality are things that you become on your own and has nothing really to do with your genes. I don’t see how it’s possible that nature has something to do with the way we are. It makes no sense at all, our parents raise us not nature. I do believe that we do pick up things from out parents that influence our behaviour. They do not make us have the personalities we do, or else everyone would be the same as their parents. I think the scientists should stop fighting over the nature vs nurture thing it doesn’t seem like as big of a deal as they are making it.


Advice September 18, 2011

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1) Who in your life give you advice (of these people, who do you trust the most and least, why?)
In my life I get advice from my grandma, my mom and my boss and my friends. I trust my grandma and mom the most because they always seem to know the right things to do and it is helpful. My boss is also pretty helpful she really makes me feel good about what I do at work. I trust my friends also but I don’t trust them as much as other people because it’s really hard to say if they are being truthful or not.

2) What was the single best piece of advice anyone has ever gave to you? worst?
The best advice anyone ever told me was to not worry about what other people think of you just do what you think is right. The worst advice would probably be to work at the store on the reserve all it did was cause problems and I wish I would have never worked there.

3) What is the most important piece of advice you could give someone in grade 9?
The most important piece of advice would be to try and make friends with everyone. Also to pay attention and work hard in your classes and don’t fail so you can move on with your life as fast as possible because you don’t want to be stuck at high school any longer than you have to be.

4) Make a list of at least 5 online advice columns. Which do you trust the most why?
I looked around online and couldn’t really find any advice columns.


Blogging – Pros and Cons September 16, 2011

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I think that blogging can be useful , for a few things like doing school work so you only have to email it. I think the best thing about blogging is that you can post things everyone can see it could be good for a business if they were having sales and wanted to post it you could just go online and find out information. A bad thing about blogging is that some people get carried away writing bad things about other people. A good blog is hard to find beacuse a lot of people just write things about whatever and do not maintain their blogs.

5 Blogs about Cooking –

1) http://fortheloveofcooking-recipes.blogspot.com/ – it gives you easy 30 minute recipes.
2) http://simplyrecipes.com/ – it gives you recipes that are easy to make at home.
3) http://www.101cookbooks.com/ – these recipes are easy and healthy to make.
4) http://cooking4allseasons.blogspot.com/ – there are recipes that are good for every season of the year.
5) http://thisweekfordinner.com/ – it gives you recipe ideas for a whole week on what to cook for supper.