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#1 Concern with Graduating October 21, 2011

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I think a really big concern with graduating high school is what your are going to do afterwards. There are a lot of questions you have to think about such as what you are going to do with your life if your going to college or university. How you are going to get the money to go there if thats what your doing. I think my biggest concern is how I am going to have enough money to go to school and live on my own. After high school life is going to change drastically and things will be a lot different is what I think and you then have to make your own desicions so it’s good to start thinking about them before your done high school and still have time. You can take a year off but statistics say the people that take time off in between school and college find a job and never go back because they like the money. So taking a year off might seem like a good idea but it can turn out to be a lot more than a year taken off.

1) http://school.familyeducation.com/high-school/college-prep/34544.html – helps parents figure out how to help their kids
2) http://oedb.org/library/financial-aid/hacking-financial-aid – tells you how to get money to go to college
3) http://www.mymajors.com/ – gives you idea’s on how to choose a career
4) http://www.ehow.com/how_138014_decide-which-college.html – show’s you how to decide what college is right for you
5) http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/index.shtml – information about loans for college


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