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Media & Girls October 12, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — emilywitty @ 1:45 pm

I think that the media is very harsh on girls and thats why so many girl try to be perfect. They are always trying to be super skinny and wearing tons of make up because of all the girls that they see on tv or in magazines. Girls are wanting to dress like these girls then they are often called names and are considered “sluts” because of the way that they follow the girls in the media. The media has a lot to do with girls attitudes and many other things these days, a lot of girls have eating disorders because they are trying to be really skinny like girls in magazines but the truth is those girls are photo shoped no one actually looks like that. Girls have it pretty hard because they think they need to compete with each other and it all just causes problems, that is why I think the media is really having a big impact on girls young girls especially.


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